Mentoring through Sports

Mentoring through Sports (MTS) is a 12-week evidence-based program that runs consecutively during the year in conjunction with the major sporting seasons. The program captures the imagination of young boys, ages 10-18, as they participate in organized sports and provides an environment to teach positive character and value traits that will assist them in becoming positive and productive citizens. 

The Harrisburg Police Athletic/Activities League experiences ongoing success!!

Through it’s Mentoring through Sports” HPAL continues to build it’s baseball and basketball teams.  We are looking forward to playing this coming season in the Susquehanna baseball league.

We are very excited about our new focus and direction of our baseball team.  HPAL is hoping to announce an HPAL home field in the near future.

We are looking to continue to build our basketball program over the next few months.  If there is anyone wishing to volunteer as a coach please do not hesitate to contact us at 717-233-3104 and leave your information.

We are also looking to start a girls basketball team. If you are interested in playing or assisting with coaching please, also contact us at the same number.


When asked what do you attribute this success,  Coach James Jones, Program Consultant/Coordinator states, “you can’t be successful in sports without talent and we’ve been blessed with some talented children. Also, we’ve been fortunate to attract the right coaches/mentors.” 

They adhere to the HPAL philosophy of using sports as a vehicle to attract youth interest. The real focus is on improving young people’s attitudes, character, and behavior. It’s hard to be a champion without these qualities being good. Winning championships is a by-product of developing quality human beings”