Today’s Environment: A CEO’s Thoughts

When I was in school, it seemed that every day brought a new challenge. Math was especially difficult for me. Then there was the typical issues confronting kids growing up, such as dating and just getting to know who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. Perhaps you had similar experiences.

One can’t help but notice the struggles facing our kids today. Most recently, school violence, heroin, and bullying seem to be grabbing headlines. Not just national headlines, mind you, but right here, in the Harrisburg area. Our kids are facing tough situations every day, simply by going to school. Once deemed a safe haven, our halls of education are no longer immune to the ills of society. Maybe they never were. Social media certainly plays a role in this “perfect storm”.

So why am I writing this today? It certainly is not the typical message you see from HPAL.  I want to let you know that we as an organization take our role as a community leader seriously, and are working on ways to address these concerns among our young men and women. Recently, we were awarded a grant from the National Police Athletic League, and as part of that effort will be planning a youth summit on the drug crisis facing our youth. This summit will be developed BY kids FOR kids.

We are also constantly having discussions with our participants at existing programs such as Heart to Heart and Mentoring Through Sports. It is important that we encourage our kids to talk openly about the challenges they face, and that they know PAL is a safe place to do so, guided by our caring mentors and law enforcement partners.

If this blog in any way sparked an interest to become involved, please email me at kevin.gill@harrisburgpal.org“>Kevin Gill. I’d be happy to speak to you about opportunities to join us!