Mentoring through Sports


Mentoring through Sports (MTS) is a 12-week evidence based program that runs consecutively during the year in conjunction with the major sporting seasons. The program captures the imagination of young boys, ages 10-18, as they participate in organized sports and provides an environment to teach positive character and value traits that will assist them in becoming positive and productive citizens. Sports currently used but not limited to are: baseball, basketball, boxing, fishing, and wrestling.

PAL is proud to have been apart of the 
Jump Shots not Gun Shots Program in the City of Harrisburg 
Jumpshots not Gunshots concludes a 6 week program tonight at the Camp Curtin YMCA. The program designed for teens 14-19 ran every Friday night between 8 -12 Midnight. Activities included basketball, educational breakout sessions, food, and social skills development. Older teens from across the city had positive interactions, made new friends, and started the process of building relationships with their peers and the adult mentors who facilitated the program. The program has served more than 80 teens per Friday night over the past 6 weeks. 
The program was Tri-sponsored by Curtin YMCA, K.I.N.G.S. and Harrisburg PAL 

The Harrisburg Police Athletic/Activities League experiences ongoing success!!

Through it’s newest initiative “Mentoring through Sports” HPAL has won it’s third championship within a calendar year. The trend started in June of 2015 when the HPAL pony baseball team was crowned Moself Champions. Later that same summer the HPAL’s 13 & under boys basketball team won a Camp Curtin YMCA championship. On February 7, 2016 the HPAL Middle School League team won a thrilling 50-48 game and was crowned Camp Curtin YMCA League Champions.

When asked what do you attribute this success, James Jones Program Coordinator said, “you can’t be successful in sports without talent and we’ve been blessed with some talented children. Also, we’ve been fortunate to attract the right coaches/mentors. Jamar Bullett & Mike Green (Pony Baseball) and Abe Reese & Jason Smith (Basketball). They adhere to the HPAL philosophy of using sports as a vehicle to attract youth interest. The real focus is on improving young people’s attitudes, character, and behavior. It’s hard to be a champion without these qualities being good. Winning championships is a by-product of developing quality human beings”